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Welcome to my website, and if you are here, you are looking for solutions for your fitness program. Over the course of 15 years as a personal trainer, and as a person who lost over 120 pounds myself, I have developed successful programs for my clients to; lose weight, regain flexibility, tone up, run marathons and so much more. When I was struggling with my own weight loss, I became lost in the noise of the fitness industry, there were so many programs to choose from! But after so many failures, it became apparent that a real knowledgeable source is necessary  for the right diet! Our programs are designed to address your nutritional needs with a Registered Dietician, who will show you what to eat, along with a dietician that will show you how to eat.

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I have trained with Jasen for a little over 2 years, and he transformed my health and body during that time. I put on 15 pounds of lean muscle, overcame longstanding injuries, and importantly changed my mindset around what exercise should feel like. He is an expert in finding the fitness routine that is safe for your body and gets you to your goals. He’s also extremely fun to train with and a really nice guy when you get to know him. Jasen is a true professional, and I cannot recommend him more to anyone who is serious about taking care of their health and body!

-Nick B.

Personal trainer giving instructions to his client about how to properly use dumbbells. She is doing a bench press and the trainer is spotting her.
Personalized Fitness Programs designed to help clients reach goals and prevent injury.
Woman showing her weight loss by wearing pants that are now too large for her. She lost weight to get there.

Guided Nutritional consultations: Know what to eat and how much to reach your goals

A dietician showing her client how to read nutritional labels in the grocery store.
Registered Dietician grocery tours: Know what to eat and where to find it with a personalized grocery tour.
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